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MPX Weight Gainer Protein 1kg Weight Up / Increased Protein Chocolate Flavor

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MPX Weight Gainer Protein 1kg Weight Up / Increased Protein Chocolate Flavor A must-see for those who are worried about malnutrition and who want to make a bigger and stronger body! Try Weight Gainer Protein, the ultimate weight gain protein powder! !! Here is the best product for those who want to aim for a lively lifestyle! What are the benefits of "protein + carbohydrate + creatine"? Provides high quality protein that contributes to muscle growth and maintenance-fast-absorbing carbohydrates ensure better recovery muscle gain. Recommended sports: Need to increase or bulk up: rugby, American football, muscle training. W carbo combination Dextrose & Maltodextrin Since the body preferentially uses glycogen as fuel in rigorous training, W Carbo supports recovery. Uses only 100% whey protein For those who aim to create a body, we have adopted only whey protein, which is highly efficient as a protein raw material. .. Contains creatine It is a component that can be expected as an energy support mainly when demonstrating high-strength power and instantaneous speed. Weight Gainer Protein 1kg Per pack: (approx.) 30 cups Nutrition facts label: Per 100g (3 cups) Energy 400 kcal Protein 20 g Lipid 2.3 g -Saturated fatty acids 1.2 g Sugar 74.3 g Salt equivalent 550 mg Creatine 1000 mg Name: Carbohydrate / protein-containing food Ingredient names: maltodextrin, glucose, concentrated whey protein (American), creatine, fragrance. Contents: 1kg Best-by date: Described on the package How to Save: Please save away from direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity. Manufacturer: Tanex Innovation Co., Ltd. 3-1-11 Neuramachi, Miyoshi City, Aichi Prefecture 470-0217 How to eat It is recommended to put 2 spoons (66g) in a my shaker containing water or milk (250-350ml) and within 30 immediately after exercising. #Creatine #American football #rugby #Whey protein #MPX protein Whey protein 1kg #Weight up #Bulk up #My Protech Protein

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